Like how they see it –Says the Cat Association


Have you wondered why cats avoid some litter boxes like the plague? You may be placing the cat near the litter box when it is time only to see that the cat ignores the box no matter what. You then go out to buy best cat litter box for your cat, however the same repeats. The point you are missing out may be very simple. Remember that cats have a sharp sense of smell. A foul smell is more than enough to repel the cat. will have many articles related to proper management of pets which can give you trouble.

Let’s listen from a cat’s point of view
Its high time people started thinking from the cat’s point of view. Why do they avoid certain litter boxes? Studying the behavior of some cats leads to the conclusion that there are some genuine reasons they do this. Some of the main ones are stated below:-

· Cats hate dirty, unclean litter boxes.
· The litter chosen is too uncomfortable to walk on
· The litter doesn’t facilitate complete urine removal and has a moist feeling
· The litter box is located at a place they do not like
· A fellow cat / another pet plays villain and blocks them from using the box (though it is made sure that you do not see the villain in action)
· The box is too small to get in properly
· The cat cannot relax in the box as it has a creepy feel or a strange, unknown person’s smell
· The cat has a medical issue that prevents it from climbing into the box conditions like diabetes, bladder stones, cystitis (bladder inflammation), partial /whole urethral blockage
· The fellow cat has a regular habit of using the same litter box, and your cat doesn’t prefer this.

From the above, it is clear that cats are super sensitive to their surroundings. Keeping the litter box clean is of utmost importance. So next, let’s look at what to do and not to do with the litter boxes.

The Do Not’s
· Do not use litter material that clump
· Do not use scented litter
· Do not use grass mats –plastic ones
· Do not punish the cat for ignoring the box
What you need to do
· Scoop up all the waste from the litter box at least twice a day
· Use generous amount of litter so that it is deep enough
· Give the cats some peace by finding a peaceful location
· Use a litter mat that is comfortable for the animal
· Call the vet if the cat continuously refuses to use the litter box

The best advice your cat could give you is –Clean the litter box twice a day and keep it odor free with good quality litter material. If time is a real constraint for you, it is always possible to use self-cleaning litter boxes. Check with the pet store supplier to find some good options like that so that your cat can end the misery of having to deal with a dirty litter box.