June 2017

A Handy Guide To Buy The Right Walking Shoes

walking shoes

Investing in a pair of good walking shoes is essential for a comfortable workout session. When you step out to buy yourself a new pair, you can find a variety of walking shoes inside glass cases. It is natural to get intimidated and confused by the technical jargon that the salesperson use.

Take a look at some of the b3products on walking on concrete floor to choose the best. The choice of correct walking shoes is vital for comfort and balance as mentioned in webmd.com.

· Casual walking
One size does not fit all and that is why shoe manufacturers have designed the right type of shoe to fit a particular exercise. If you are more into walking, go for running shoes that are lightweight or choose cross-trainers. Keep two factors in mind before buying those walking shoes- comfort and balance.

Walkers apply less force on the ground when compared to runners. For this reason, they do not require extra cushioning. On the contrary, if you buy a pair of walking shoes that has too much padding, you might end with shin pain and other painful conditions.

Follow this rule of thumb- or, rather toe rule- any pair of shoe that you wear for walking or running should not cause any discomfort or painful blisters.

· Race walking
In this form of sport, two main muscle groups are used, viz. the abdominal muscles. Race walking requires that the runner maintains a constant foot contact with the ground at all times. This means only one thing- the need for a right pair of shoes.

You require shoes that are flexible in order to let the feet move from the heel to toe. Preferably a flat heel is used to minimize the effect of the hard impact of your feet on the ground. Go for running shoes with a flat base or trainer-racers that are available across all footwear stores.

· Marathon running
If you are aiming to reach the finish point like Usain Bolt, remember that selecting the right shoes plays a crucial role. When you are running for a long time, shoes that hug your feet or ill-fitting shoes can wreak havoc. Apart from the painful blisters and cramped toes, you might even stand a low chance of winning the marathon.

In any marathon, regular walking is coupled with running. Buy lightweight running shoes with a flat base.

· Hiking Shoes
The primary purpose of any hiking boot is to avoid disaster. The trails are not easy or predictable. There is a gushing river ahead and a slippery moss-laden rock on your way. If you are on an easy hike through fields or moors, choose sandals. If you plan to climb the rocky hills, invest in a hiking boot to avoid ankle sprain and bruises.

Most of these types of shoes are available in major athletic stores or you can buy them online at a good price. Bear these points in mind. Any pair of shoes that you choose must be breathable, lightweight and must accommodate your arch type. Whether you plan to walk around your town or run a three-day marathon, every runner should be aware of the science behind choosing the right pair of shoes.