June 2015

How To Be More Interesting

interestingCreate or to be able to compose things that are fascinating, you’ve got to BE fascinating.

Attempting to make your content more intriguing or to produce exciting content is difficult to do if you’re sitting in your office or your home and living a mundane life.

That may seem unpleasant, but the fact remains the fact that folks need to read about other people who are doing the things they need to do. Who are living a life that’s inspiring and participating.

I ‘ve a foundation in experiential instruction, and I really believe that experiences teach us things at a deeper level. They help us to grow, they challenge us to determine how we fit into it and enlarge our understanding of the universe around us.

2postijmg2New encounters take us out of our comfort zone, challenge our assumptions, alter our view. New encounters doors that are open for new ideas for things to write about and share with others. It’s very good for opening up your head and igniting a fresh voice with which to share expertise and your message.

I would like to challenge you to BE fascinating.

And that means trying new things. Get out! Do something interesting.

When was the most recent time? Did something challenging that made someone else say “Wow!”

You do not have to leave the state or even your town to create new, purposeful encounters. There are plenty of opportunities if you’re prepared to find them waiting for you. Go someplace new. Meet with someone new. Eat something new. Anything!

And in the event you maintain your head open, you’ll definitely learn something new.